What is Speed Builder?

It is a Bedrock add-on designed to help you build big projects faster!

Designed to make placeing/replacing large amounts of blocks much faster. It utilizes the different /fill commands built in to minecraft making a very flexible tool for both building and destroying.

Latest Update

A TON more blocks with update 1.1! Get ready to build all the things!

Block Display

HTML5 Based UI

This add-on has been created using the HTML5 scripting API within minecraft. The code is available in the public repository for the project to be used as an example for the community.


The support for HTML5 within minecraft is limited at the moment, as is the knowledge of our developer. Due to these limitations the UI for the add-on is button based only. We aknowledge that a more complex UI structure would provide a smoother experience and will be working toward that goal as Minecraft BE's development continues.

More to Come!

We have other projects in the works that we hope we will get to show you! These projects are games and adventures and are aimed at the Minecraft marketplace.


Who doesn't like a good dungeon crawl?

New Items!

Can't wait to try them out!

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