How To Get Started Using Speed Builder

Step 1 - Ready the files

Download the SpeedBuilder.zip file from the home page by clicking the Download Addon button.

Extract the .mcaddon file from the .zip file. (You can you simply open the .zip file and drag and drop the file into a new location.)

Step 2 - Import the addon

Open Minecraft Bedrock Edition and allow the game to reach the main menu screen.

With Minecraft open, navigate to the Speedbuilder.mcaddon file and double click it to start the import.

A message should appear at the top of the Minecraft window indicating the import as begun and finished.

Step 3 - Attach Speed Builder to a world

Open the settings for an existing world or create a new one.

In the settings:

  • Turn on Experimental Gameplay (This allows the use of the UI for Speed Builder)

  • Under resource and behavior packs activate the SpeedBuilder item for each.

Now you are ready to enter the world and start using Speed Builder!

Step 4 - Tool Up In-Game

To access Speed Builder while in game you will need to give yourself two tools via the /give command:

/give @s speedbuilder:sb_item


/give @s speedbuilder:sb_options_item

Step 5 - Accessing and using the UI

In order the adjust the settings for how SpeedBuilder behaves you will need to use the Options Item (Blue SB). Simply right click (the use button) to activate the item and launch the UI.

UI Example

Distance From Head

By default Speed Builder will spawn the block in-front of the players face. The distance from head setting will allow you to place it at an adjustable distance.

Adjust Brush Size

To adjust the size of your block blush first select the direction you would like to edit: width, height, length.

Use the number buttons to adjust the value that is displayed at the bottom of this area.

Fill Block

Use the (-,+) to cycle between block categories and blocks. By default the block selected here will change what block is placed when using the build item. If the 'Set Block 2 Replace' button is active the block that is being replaced is set here instead. Adding blocks to this list is planned to happen soon. Check back for updates.

Fill Type

These buttons will update the word used in the fill command. The block 2 replace button allows the fill block selection to instead set the block that is replaced by the selected fill block.

To learn more about the different fill word available in minecraft check out this page

Be sure to click Submit to apply the settings that you have changed!

Step 6 - Build the Things!

Now that you have your brush set the way you want, you can switch to the sb_item and use it to place your blocks! We reoccomend playing around in a blank world to get the hang of things!

Warnings and Known Issues

Does not work in multiplayer

This is something we would like to look into soon but it is a low priority behind adding more useful features.